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hybritic offers retail franchisee learning program. One of the most attractive advantages of franchising is that it allows you to invest in a fully developed brand with a customer base and business plan already in place which eliminates much of the hard work that comes with starting your own business from the scratch. It can take years of hard work and planning for a new company to get to the point where it starts to become profitable, in short franchising offers you a shortcut to success.

At hybritic, our goal is to match those individuals who want to start a business with the Retail franchise that will help them meet their personal and financial goals. We have pre-screened each retail franchise from all areas of business in order to provide you with a wide variety of quality franchise opportunities.

hybritic provides Franchising with an aim of serving every nook and corner in India and training more and more candidates to become employable instead of becoming only graduates. Employees with skills are in demand and are considered as valuable human capital assets to companies. Employability skills are those basic skills necessary for getting, keeping, and doing well on a job. These are the skills, attitudes and actions that enable workers to get along with their fellow workers and supervisors and to make sound, critical decisions.

According to recent survey, about 8,00,000 engineers are pushed into the economy each year but only a handful (23.2%) are ready to be employable in the IT industry and 3.21% for IT product roles. These numbers are a reflection of the present state of employability in the country. The real problem in India is not employment its employability. Graduates today fails to meet the industrial requirement. It is mostly seen that students get to realize that they are unemployable only in the final year of college. It is when they gear up to look outside into the job space that they realize what skills they have been lacking; skills imperative for getting a job. And by the time they sit to brush and polish their employability skills, unemployment settles in the system.

Employability skills and training play a huge role here as they support these students understand and evaluate their job readiness and work constructively to fix the weak points. hybritic therefore has designed its course exactly the way it is required bridges this gap. A student joining this program gets to evaluate his employability in detail. He gets a directional feedback on the type of jobs he/she would do good in and also realizes his/her strengths and weaknesses and can immediately get into action to acquire the missing skills.

By the time he/she completes the program doors are open for them to the job world, they are equipped with the right skill set and are job ready.

Most discussions concerning today’s workforce eventually turn to employability skills. Finding workers who have employability or job readiness skills that help them fit into and remain in the work environment is a real problem. Employers need reliable, responsible workers who can solve problems and who have the social skills and attitudes to work together with other workers. Creativity, once a trait avoided by employers who used a cookie cutter system, is now prized among employers who are trying to create the empowered, high-performance workforce needed for competitiveness in today’s marketplace.

The two greatest concerns of employers today are finding good workers and training them. The difference between the skills needed on the job and those possessed by applicants, sometimes called the skills gap, is of real concern to human resource managers and business owners looking to hire competent employees. While employers would prefer to hire people who are trained and ready to go to work, they are usually willing to provide the specialized, job specific training necessary for those lacking such skills.

hybritic aims in filling this gap between employer and employee by training the candidates on their respective area of interest along with training on soft skills required to become professionals. hybritic not only supports young students to become employable it also concentrates on training and providing technical up gradation to the working professionals based on their core areas and new technologies in the stream. This helps the professionals to grow in their job and keep them updated with the growth in technologies.

hybritic vision is to spread its wings across the country by offering franchise at every place and by offering high quality training at each center. Quality training and placements are main goals of hybritic in supporting India to provide valuable human capital assets to companies. Every Franchise center maintains the same standard of teaching and training as every support is offered by hybritic franchisor. As there is no compromise on the quality at hybritic, we offer all the supports required to maintain standard teaching and training at every franchise center.

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